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Subject: crime scene
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fresh104 8/10/2007 - 4:12:18
r u the victim o the kila.can u murder c*m shw it tru mcs only! *

askillz 9/12/2007 - 4:07:17
aha!the sw1ng of sw0rd/b100d f10wz/sling sh0tz/a g0liath killer 1n the h0use/surv1va1 tact1cz,ambush 2ya sp0use/1 let 7 inchez of ma sw0rd/1ike she cant handle the same nasty ez a11 up t0 y0 thr0at/same way 1 kill ya/push m0re 0 b1ade lk a sane mans en1gma/b100d make men l00se the1r m1nds/t0rture appease bra1nz lyk 0pium,1 d1sengage ur hindz/u sti11 alive/shriekz t0 1 heed 2lyk nas' rhymez/n 2u wh0 1 ki11 u,1 find ur re1ativez 4 ma crimez/crime scene *

askillz 10.12.07 - 08:10am
Check out ma groups at http//askillz23.hi5.com Still killin' it.Log on witchya pc *

billsmam 21.05.08 - 02:19am
lyfe aint fair/wat i got 2 wear/bull / ur shyt/wat do i pick/nuttin b/c i dnt get wat i wnt/y not/ life aint fair/i cant bear seeing ppl who r lyin on sum1s innocent crime/if not part of it so i dnt do da ttme/whine/c*m n take sumtime 2 sit out wit me/ b b b who u wanna b/sellin weed smellin lik perosion n death aint me/we belong 2getha but we lost ourselves/time 2 start ova/get ova it/time 2 change n iza now/wow dats alot 2 say/hey im makin a change now/im not gon mak da sme mistake as i did 2 almost get maself locked up/life aint fair/but u kno wat that was fair/get 6months probation 4 it *

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